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Dean Santos Poem by Beth Sleboda
By Val Fowler
Posted on 4/16/2021 2:00 PM

Poetic Tribute For Dean Santos

Val Fowler


The Memorial Concert for Dean Santos was touching, moving, inspiring, heart-felt, a true honoring of a fine person, and a joy to be a part of. We exceeded our 100 attendee Zoom limit, and apologize to those who were thus unable to get in. The full concert can be accessed through our Golden Link Folk Singing Society Facebook page. If you do bring it up, I think you will find, as I did, that the sign language interpreters were just as joyful and engaging as those who participated. They are fun to watch …. especially the interpretation of the poem below!


The Concert began with a poem written by Beth Sleboda, who gave permission to share it with you.


Rejoice! The Voice of Dean lives on

in memories and song.

You might think it is silent, now…

but you would be so wrong.


Was it Dean’s choice to use his voice

to soothe, inspire—to feed the fire

of causes, just? He knew he MUST

share the wisdom and the love

that lived within his soul.

It was a CALLING, not a choice

to make others whole.


I invite you to relax.

Breathe in … breathe out…

Imagine you are a baby

in your mother’s womb.

Now, think of Dean’s voice 

as am…ni...otic…fluid.

Let it rock you

and warm you

and nourish you

in such a way as to allow you

to grow and develop until you

are ready to go into the world

and use your own voice to





Rejoice! The Voice of Dean lives on!

And on…and on…and on…and on.

We are, indeed, forever blessed!

~ Written by Beth Ely Sleboda, in memory of Dean Santos