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Zoom Host Role

If you have been asked to be the Zoom Host for a sing-around, think of yourself as running the control room.  You take care of all the behind-the-scenes stuff so the Sing-around Leader can concentrate on hospitality and keeping the flow going.  It's not complicated or difficult, but you do have to know a few things about Zoom.
What you need

A Computer or Laptop running Windows or MacOS.  A tablet or smart phone will not do.
Knowledge of how to use Zoom to accomplish the Zoom Host responsibilities.  If you need training, ask the Zoom Planner to arrange for that at a separate time from the sing-around.

What you do

• Show up at least 15 minutes before the Sing-Around start time, and join the meeting.
• Let the Zoom Starter know that you are there and ready to take on the Host role.  The Starter will then transfer the Host role to you.
• Let people in from the waiting room when they arrive.
• Rename people as they arrive, adding a number before their name.  ALWAYS use a 2-digit number (such as 02 instead of just 2) so they will show up in the list in the correct order.
• When the Sing-around Leader arrives, assign them the role of co-host so they can help with tasks like muting.  You can also assign other co-hosts if desired.
• IMPORTANT - Co-hosts should NOT be helping with renaming people and providing numbers.  It will get confusing if more than one person is doing this.
• When people are performing, mute others if they have forgotten to mute themselves.
• Use the chat feature to communicate with others if need be for helpful suggestions
• Close the meeting at the end for everyone.
• If something occurs which prevents you from continuing as Host, transfer that role to another participant before leaving.