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Zoom Starter Role

Keys HangingIf you have been asked to be the Zoom Starter, think of yourself as the person who holds the keys to the sing-around.  You have the login credentials and your only real task is to get the Zoom meeting going. After that, you can transfer control to the Zoom Host and you can leave if you choose.  Or if you are also the Zoom host, you can then take on the duties of the Zoom host.
What you need

• A Computer or Laptop running Windows or MacOS.  A tablet or smartphone will not do.
Golden Link credentials: the login email address and password for Golden Link's Zoom account. If you don't have this, you will need to get it from the Zoom Planner.
• Knowledge of who the Zoom Host will be for the sing-around

What you do

• Between 15 to 30 minutes before the meeting, log in using Golden Link's credentials.  To be sure you're using Golden Link's account and not your own, do the following:
1) Launch the Zoom app (not the website).
2) In the top right corner of the app window is an icon that shows who is logged in.  Click on that and select "Switch Accounts".
3) Log in using Golden Link's credentials (email and password).
4) You should now see a tiny Golden Link Logo for the icon in the upper right, indicating you're logged into Golden Link's account.
• Start the meeting.  You should see a meeting, or list of meetings, on the right side of the Zoom app window.  (If you don't see the list, you'll need to click on the "Meetings" icon at the very top of the window). Click "Start" next to the sing-around meeting.  You are now the temporary "Zoom Host" for the meeting.

• Until the designated Zoom Host arrives, you'll be filling that role by letting people in from the waiting room and numbering them.  See the Zoom Host Role page if you need more details.

• When the designated Zoom Host arrives, transfer the host role to them.  To do so, click on the 3-dot menu at upper right of their picture, and select the option to make them the host.

• You can now remain at the meeting or leave if you choose.  

IMPORTANT - when you leave the meeting, be sure to change your Zoom app back to your own account.  If not, you will automatically log in as Golden Link for any subsequent Zoom meetings you attend!  To switch back to your own account use the same process as you did above to change to the Golden Link account, except use the email and password for your own personal Zoom account to log in.