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Golden Link Sing Arounds

Our Tuesday Night Sing Arounds are designed to give the feel of a group of friends playing music and raising their voices together around a campfire. It's informal and everyone gets a chance to participate if they want to. Come join us, make some new friends, learn some new songs, and see how much fun it can be!

Sing Arounds are held the first four Tuesdays of each month from 7:30 to 10:00 pm, with a refreshment break at 9:00 pm, in Room 26 at 12 Corners Presbyterian Church, 1200 South Winton Road, next to Brighton High School. It's a place where you can sing, play, or just hear good folk music. These gatherings are free and open to the public.

In months when there is a fifth Tuesday, a Golden Link Member Showcase Concert featuring our own members is held. For information on those concerts, see our Concerts Page.

Sing Around attendees are invited to sing/play a tune, request a tune from the group, just listen, or sing and play along with others if you want. Group singing and song-sharing are emphasized in the folk tradition. This is one of the longest running sing-arounds in the country, having begun in 1971 when the organization was founded.

We look forward to seeing you at a sing-around soon! Bring an acoustic instrument if you have one!

Virtual Singarounds!

Since we can’t meet in person right now, Golden Link is hosting “virtual” sing arounds on Zoom.  For more information on how to use zoom, how to join, and how to participate, Click Here

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Sing-around Guidelines

Because the sing arounds are popular and well attended, it can sometimes be hard for everyone to get a turn. To make the evening fun for everyone, please consider the following suggestions:

• Choose songs of a reasonable length. 

Songs that tell stories through many verses are wonderful but limit the time for people that follow. Consider timing your song as you prepare. (There may be opportunities to do longer songs after the break when there are fewer people.) 

• Be ready to play.  

The leaders, for the most part, move sequentially around the room. Please have your song selected, your instrument tuned, your finger picks on, and your music ready before the leader calls upon you.

• Exercise brevity in introducing your song. 

Tell us a little bit, and then let the song do the rest.

• At the break, limit announcements to 10-15 seconds.  

Lengthy announcements can chew up a lot of time. Plug your next event briefly and refer listeners to the newsletter or bulletin board for further information.