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Links are provided on performer bio pages to performers' web sites. Go there to access available samples of their work. Click on the performer's name.


Celebrating our 44th Year!

Golden Link offerings include concerts of folk performers, a monthly newsletter, a lending library of folk music recordings and books, a folk musician's reference service, folk music workshops, an annual weekend folk festival, free weekly Tuesday night sing-arounds, and much, much more.

Upcoming Golden Link Sponsored Events:

Would you like to become a member of Golden Link, or need more information? If so, contact Jantina Cornelisonour Membership Chair at membership@goldenlink.org.

To see a Membership Application Form (you can print & mail) click here: Application.

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To add a performer/band to Golden Link's Performer's List, to be considered for performance opportunities in the community, click here: Performers.

To add an instructor to Golden Link's Teachers' Roster, to be considered for teaching opportunities in the community or for Golden Link Workshops, click here: Teachers.

If you are a performer wishing to contact Golden Link about concert bookings, contact our Concert Coordinator Janice Hanson via e-mail at concerts@goldenlink.org.

If you are a performer wishing to contact Golden Link about the Turtle Hill Folk Festival, call our  interim Festival Comittee Chair Vern Lindberg, e-mail: festival@goldenlink.org.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 92398, Rochester, NY 14692.